Insomnia & Poor Sleep

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Sleep Disorders

Are you unable to sleep properly? There are many causes for poor sleep and fortunately they can often be remedied. If your life is hectic and you find yourself stressed when going to bed, chances are that you are going to have a restless night. There are few things better than a good night’s sleep.

When you are stressed and tired, chances are that you are also anxious, angry, probably easily irritated and most likely not eating very well.

All of these conditions combined are a recipe for a bad night’s sleep or days of not sleeping well. I can help you discover what is causing the problem and deal with it directly.

The Naturopathic Method

When you and I get together for a consultation, I will examine what is going on in your life. Possibly you are a very busy person with much on your plate. It can get to a point where things are overwhelming and this can produce a stress response.

My three-step approach includes first reducing the symptoms of your sleeplessness. Secondly, we will identify the causes of the insomnia. Then finally, we will discover together the triggers that set off the pattern of response that makes you stress out to help you manage them.

It isn’t always easy to manage stress, however, by working together we can uncover what is required for you regain your focus and control over your life. It may require lifestyle changes in diet, exercise or maybe even your surroundings.

When You Don’t Sleep Well

If you suffer from insomnia or any kind of sleep disorder you know that it affects more than your sleep. It can have an impact on your work performance as well as regular interaction with others. Being tired all the time can also be a dangerous state to be in, especially if you use heavy equipment, tools, or are caring for others.

You can harm not just yourself, but possibly injure someone else just by not being as alert as you can be with a full, solid sleep the night before. If your sleeping issues have you concerned, are causing problems at work, home and with your interactions with others don’t delay.

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Your Inner West Sydney Naturopath

If you are seeking a natural medicine alternative to treat your sleeping disorder, I can help. Based in Concord, I help clients in the Inner West and all over Sydney. Book your first consultation by calling me direct on 0407 245 791.