Improve Your Chances Of Conceiving Naturally

Conceiving Naturally naturopath in ConcordTrying to conceive naturally does include a few challenges. However, if you and your partner are in good health, there are ways to increase fertility that are simple to implement. These methods are related to your diet and lifestyle and can increase your chances of falling pregnant.

Timing Intercourse When Fertility Peaks

There is a two to three day window in each menstrual cycle when fertility is at its peak. There are two factors that you can track to identify the fertile opportunity:

1. Basal Body Temperature

Before getting out of bed each morning, take your temperature orally. Record this on a calendar for future reference. Your basal body temperature typically drops slightly just before spiking upwards as ovulation approaches. The temperature spike will happen within 12 hours of ovulation and will remain at that higher level until the start of your next cycle.

Once you have recorded the temperatures for a few months, you will be able to predict when the fertile window occurs. Intercourse would ideally be best from one or two days before ovulation up to two days following it. Having intercourse every second day during this window will increase your chances to conceive naturally.

2. Cervical Mucous Condition

The quantity and texture of your cervical mucous will change as you get closer to ovulation. It should reach a consistency that is similar to that of egg whites. When you are able to identify that condition, you will know that ovulation is within the next two days.

Track and record the consistency over the course of several menstrual cycles. The period when it is like that of egg whites is when intercourse should occur and the slippery texture of the mucous will boost fertility. Sperm travels to the egg quicker in these conditions.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Your menstrual cycle can be negatively impacted if you are even slightly underweight or overweight. The main reason is that hormones are produced by your body fat that affects your overall health as well as your reproductive health. Your BMI can help you here.

BMI is a measurement of your body mass. Using a guide known as the Body Mass Index, a healthy weight can be determined for your body size and structure. A BMI of between 20 and 24 is considered the best range in order to increase fertility.

Not sure how to measure your BMI? Contact our office in the Inner West of Sydney and we can arrange an appointment to go over this and any of your concerns related to natural ways to conceive.

Exercise Regularly

Building and toning muscles throughout your body helps to keep you strong and healthy. These muscles work to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar and insulin. Both of these can greatly impact the hormone production that can influence ovulation and fertility.

There are three types of physical activity that can assist you with this:

1. Lean Tissue Mass Building

The activities that will help you to both build and maintain lean muscle mass include resistance training with weights, hiking, climbing and any other heavy lifting lifestyle movement.

2. Aerobic Exercise

Activities that condition your heart, lungs and blood vessels include brisk walking, light jogging, swimming, dancing, tennis, yoga and any other ‘light’ exercise routine.

3. Flexibility

Activities that aid in the flexibility of skeletal muscles include dancing, pilates, yoga and any other stretching program.

Eat Well

One of the most important natural ways to increase fertility is with a healthy, nutritious diet. This ensures that both you and the baby growing inside you are receiving the best possible nutrients during pregnancy. There are a number of ways to ensure this occurs:

1. Stick To A Diet Rich In Plant Based Foods

Plant proteins are essentially natural fertility supplements. Foods such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes and small amounts of nuts and seeds are what you should include in your daily diet. Fish and eggs are also excellent sources of dietary proteins.

2. Eat Healthy Fats, Not Unhealthy Fats

Trans fats are the unhealthy ones you should avoid. They can increase blood sugar levels and insulin which can negatively impact your fertility. Foods rich in healthy fats that won’t affect those levels include oily fish, eggs, nut and seed, coconut and coconut oil, olives and olive oil and avocados.

3. Eat Complex Carbs, Not Simple Carbs

Eating heavily processed carbohydrates will increase blood sugar and insulin levels, which can impact fertility. Opt for the foods that contain good carbs including vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. This dietary change can increase your chances of pregnancy.

4. Consume Folate And Iron

Folic acid (folate) is required during the process of building and replicating DNA. This process occurs rapidly during both conception and pregnancy. Foods that contain folate include broccoli, oranges, beets, Romaine lettuce, lima beans, spinach, asparagus, lentils and chickpeas.

Iron plays an important role in the synthesis of DNA, and it  enables oxygen to travel in the blood to all cells including the ovary and uterus, a deficiency in iron can over time weaken the stored eggs in the ovary making them less viable.  To ensure your body has a good supply of iron for fertility,  enjoy iron rich foods including spinach, beetroot, beans, lean meat, pumpkin seed and molasses. Also include foods rich in Vitamin C to help the absorption of iron, such as oranges, lemons, kiwifruit, berries, tomato and  broccoli

Emotional Balance

Stress is not good for you at any time. However, it can also impact your fertility. This occurs when emotional imbalances convert progesterone into the stress hormone cortisol. With stress in your life it can have a negative impact on the natural ways to conceive.

There are many ways to manage stress in your life and often it requires identifying the triggers that set it off. By seeking quiet time to relax, meditate, journal, pray or by spending time with loves ones you can find peace and remove stress before it becomes a problem.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a few ways in which you and your partner can work together to identify the peak fertility time during your menstrual cycle. For more assistance with natural fertility methods, contact our office in Concord today. We can also discuss lifestyle and dietary changes that can improve your chances of being able to conceive naturally.

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