Digestive Disorders & Gut Health

improve gut health naturally in Concord NSW

Digestive Problems

Many of us are plagued by digestive disorders. They can be caused by various food sensitivity issues that are actually quite easy to treat if you know what is causing the problem. I use a holistic approach to diagnose the cause of your stomach upsets so that we can improve your gut health, and improve how you feel from the inside out.

If you suffer from any problem that can be related to your digestive system, including:

  • acid reflux and heartburn
  • stomach bloating and gas
  • irregular bowel movements, constipation or diarrhoea, or
  • IBS

then it is highly likely you need to improve your gut health.

Often the treatment may require you to make some simple yet effective lifestyle changes.

My Three-Part Approach

When working with you to help with any digestive disorders, I will utilise a naturopathic method I have adopted as my three steps to relief.

  • Step #1

    First, we will work together to reduce the symptoms.

  • Step #2

    Secondly, we will spend time identifying the cause of your discomfort.

  • Step #3

    And once we are able to pinpoint that, the final part of the process can be implemented. That is where we will identify the triggers and use methods to combat them. I will give you the tools you will need in order to bring about better health through nutrition and dietary changes.

Luisa Pitronaci naturopath in Concord NSW

The Naturopathic Method

My experience shows me that food intolerance is usually the culprit responsible for digestive problems. However, if left untreated it can develop into many other serious conditions including irritable bowel syndrome. For IBS treatment, I can assist you to relieve the condition.

Naturopathy is a traditional, holistic method of treatment used to reduce and relieve the symptoms of many different health conditions. If you are suffering from poor gut health and you are experiencing bloating and gas, this method can assist you greatly.

Your Local Inner West Naturopath

I’m Luisa Pitronaci a fully qualified Naturopath who has been practicing this traditional medicine method for over eight years. I have always wanted to do something that helped others and Naturopathy lets me do just that.

I am an Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). I frequently attend seminars and workshops so that I can stay current with all the changes going on in my chosen field of practice. Let my holistic approach bring you good health.

Call For Your First Consultation

The process of improving your gut health starts with a consultation. It will last about an hour to 90-minutes. After that, we will work together on a treatment program designed specifically for your condition. To book your consultation today, call 0407 245 791.