Naturopath Consultations

The Consultation Process

A naturopathic consultation may be unlike any other meeting you will have with a medical professional. At our first meeting much of that time is spent listening to you. I ask you questions giving you the time and space to be heard and to share with me your concerns.

These consultations are aimed directly at gaining insight into you and your world, I will take an in-depth look at many aspects of your lifestyle that other health professionals may not look at. This helps to determine the cause of your concerns and will assist in developing a treatment plan that will be personalised just for you.

  • Your Case History

    The nature of naturopathic consultations is to gather as much background information as possible in order to formulate an accurate treatment plan. Your medical and lifestyle history are huge components in this first part of the journey to finding your best natural solution.

  • Follow Up Consultations

    Any follow up visits will likely last about half an hour. They will be used to track progress, discuss changes and to educate you further on the benefits of following your treatment plan and/or lifestyle changes in order to reduce your symptoms and bring back your good health.

  • What You Should Do

    It is vitally important that you are comfortable in every stage of this natural treatment program. The health goals that are set are purposely meant to be attainable as well as realistic. I will work closely with you each step of the way to ensure success in treating your issues.

    The more information you are able to provide, the better the chances that a treatment plan can be formulated to address your individual requirements.

  • The Timing of Your Consultations

    The early stage of treatment may require more frequent meeting consultations. As soon as the original concern has been addressed appointments may be spaced further apart for monitoring purposes. Then a maintenance schedule of once or twice a year may be advised.

What Are The Naturopathic Treatments?

Naturopathy is a combination of several different things. Usually my treatments revolve around the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs and flower essences that are specific to your treatment requirements and can be used in conjunction with medical tests including blood work.

The approach I take is unique to you, and your treatment plan will be mapped out for you based on your health, history and current lifestyle.

Your Local Naturopath In Concord

To book your initial consultation with me, Luisa Pitronaci, call me direct today on 0407 245 791. Clients come to me from all over the Inner West, Five Dock, Burwood, Ryde and many other areas of Sydney.