Conditions Treated

There are many different health concerns that can be effectively treated through Naturopathy.

As a qualified Naturopath I can help you if you suffer from any of the following:

women's health care in Concord Inner West Sydney

Women’s Health & Hormonal Imbalances

Women’s hormones, bodies and their health go through many changes.

Whether it is from heavy or painful periods, irregular cycles, the onset of menopausal symptoms, hot flushes, irritability, problems sleeping, weight gain and low energy, naturopathy could help you.

Naturopathic treatment for women’s health aims to reduce or resolve these often unpleasant symptoms. With the right focus and treatment plan you will be able to return to your normal life, often being able to sleep more soundly. A better night’s sleep – not interrupted by hot flushes – will make you feel calmer and allow you to make it through your day without feeling so tired or irritable.

My knowledge of natural medicine can also assist you if you are experiencing problems with your periods (irregular periods, heavy periods, flooding, no periods, painful periods, PMS, PCOS, hormonal acne, hormonal mood changes including irritability, teary, weepy or depressed before your period).

I can also help women with pre-conception care improving your health prior to getting pregnant or women who suffer from menstrual irregularities, who may have difficulty conceiving.

managing stress and anxiety in Sydney

Managing Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue

If you are stressed and tired and are often feeling anxious/angry, or are easily irritated and not sleeping well, naturopathy can help. It can also assist you if you are having panic attacks and feeling overwhelmed and not being able to concentrate and focus.

The treatment gives you your target goal and teaches you to identify when you are becoming stressed and how to manage it. By taking control of the situation early – and at home – you are better able to face the rest of the day with greater ease and less anxiety.

improve gut health naturally in Concord NSW

Digestive Disorders & Gut Health

Women, men and children experience various gut issues.

My natural health treatments can ease the symptoms and discomfort from constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, nausea, food intolerance and the feeling of general stomach illness.

help with sleep disorders in NSW Inner West area

Insomnia, Poor Sleep & Fatigue

Are you stressed and tired often? Do you also feel anxious/angry/easily irritated and are not sleeping well?

My tired/low energy/fatigue treatment helps you to take on the tasks you need to complete each day and not get overwhelmed with everything else coming at you.

You will be able to get to sleep and sleep more soundly.

Other Health Conditions Treated

There are many conditions that can cause us not to be living a healthier, happier, more vibrant life. In addition to the conditions listed above, I can help you if you are dealing with any of the following:

  • Food allergies and food intolerances
  • Problematic skin conditions such as acne and eczema
  • Autoimmune health and associated autoimmune diseases
  • Immune support to fight recurring colds, flu, viruses and sinus infections
  • Inflammatory conditions such as joint pain, arthritis, aches and pains
  • Children’s health
  • Detoxification – sluggish liver and elimination
  • Weight Gain – helping you to lose weight naturally
  • Endocrine conditions such as blood sugar control, insulin resistance and thyroid conditions
  • Indigestion, reflux and heartburn
  • Anxiety and mood disorders – feeling irritable, snappy, overwhelmed and not in control
  • Insomnia

Many clients often feel unwell but they are not sure what their condition may be.

Perhaps you have visited your GP on many occasions and have not been able to reduce your symptoms, get over that lingering cough, or do away with that feeling of anxiety.

You don’t need to know what that thing is, perhaps you just need to call to start the journey to reclaiming your health naturally.

How I Treat You

My holistic approach includes three main components. First, I work with you to reduce your symptoms. Second, we identify the causes and third, I help you to identify triggers and how you can combat them in order to maintain your health.

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